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Seagrass Table Runner

Seagrass Table Runner

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These table runners are a unique decorative piece for your dinning or party table. It fits in harmony with any parties or holiday dining events. The mat is made from the finest, best-chosen seagrass and woven skillfully by local artisans in Vietnam. It provides a heat insulation solution to your glass table, protecting the table surface from scalding and scratches. Not only do our seagrass table runners look appealing on a dining table, but they could also be used on shelves, under flower vases or decorative ornaments, adding a layer of warm rustic beauty to your decor. It could also be used as a lovely doormat for farmhouse home, thanks to its unique and durable design.

Material: Seagrass

Color: Natural

35" x 13"

Made in Vietnam



4.5 oz

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