Our Story

Peirce & Main is a local gift shop located in Clifton Springs, NY. Previously known as Peirces' Gifts, our team was inspired to create a gift shop that centered around the true art of gift-giving and what it means to show gratitude to the loved ones in your life through thoughtful, unique gifts that excite and spread joy. We believe in premium, hand-crafted products that inspire, and are more than "just a gift." Our journey to get to this new store and our final "vision" for Peirce & Main was not easy, but was only made possible by our incredible team. We hope you enjoy these products just as much as we do!

  • Mindful Gratitude

    We believe in showing loved ones how special they are through thoughtful and genuine gift giving. From start to finish, we believe that gift giving can be a sacred, special process.

  • Teamwork

    The pursuit towards a common goal is a beautiful thing. Whether it be brainstorming, getting excited about new products, or planning new projects - our team shares an energy and excitement for making things happen.

  • Compassion & Community

    Bringing people together & spreading joy is the best way to create a strong sense of community. We believe in lifting others up, words of encouragement and support for one and other.

  • Quality

    All of our products are carefully selected and meet the highest standards. We believe in the motto "luxury at a value" and believe in carrying the best products at a fair price.