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Cocktail Kit

Cocktail Kit

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With MIXY, anyone can create delicious craft cocktails at home in a few simple steps:

Add 12 oz. of your liquor of choice

Refrigerate 2-3 days

Shake, strain and serve.


Each MIXY Cocktail Kit makes 8 (1.5 oz) servings, or you can infuse your MIXY twice for up to 16 servings.


#1 Tejas Cocktail Kit:

Orange, lime, and jalapeno with turbinado sugar cube

#2 Uptown Cocktail Kit:

Pear, lemon, and a lavender-infused sugar cube

#3 Sundance Cocktail Kit:

Navel orange, lemon, and lime with MIXY signature turbinado sugar cube

#4 Skyline Cocktail Kit:

Blueberry, lemon, ginger, and MIXY signature turbinado sugar cube

#5 Rambler Cocktail Kit:

Strawberry, jalapeno, and lime with turbinado sugar cube

#6 North Shore Cocktail Kit:

Strawberry and lime with hibiscus-infused sugar cube


6" L x 3" W x 3" H


0.65 lbs

How to Use

Add 12 oz. of booze, water or tea

Refrigerate for 2-3 days

Shake, strain, and serve!

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